Denrele Edun Makes U-turn, Denies Having An Affair With Late Goldie After Backlash

Denrele Edun has made a quick turn, denying that he ever had a sexual affair with his late friend, Goldie.

Denrele was dragged severely after he revealed in a recent chat with Neecee of Boss TV that he knew Goldie was married before it became public, but there were times they ‘entered the corner’ for intimacy when she was alive.

He further revealed that they kept their relationship top-secret because the late singer was married and they wouldn’t want to raise an eyebrow because of their affair.

“I have not shared this anywhere but I can as well say it here, my beautiful late friend Goldie, a lot of people just thought we were friends but we did have a few intimate moments.

I knew she was married of course we kept that a secret. It was more than friendship you know, we entered the corner”, Denrele clearly stated.

His revelation was met with heavy criticism and backlash from different angles. Denrele was berated for making such a revelation about his relationship with a lady who can no longer defend herself.

Many commenters also said Denrele disrespected Goldie’s husband by making such disclosure all for clout sake. 

Others called him insensitive and a loudmouth because that part was not necessary for the interview.

Reacting to the backlash, Denrele took a different turn on Instagram, stating that his words were misconstrued. 

He decided to school Nigerians on what he defined as intimacy in his earlier statement. He claimed intimacy in that context does not connote sex but secrets he shared with the deceased.

He wrote;

“Intimacy has been misconstrued. Why does everyone think intimacy connotes sex? What a horny frequency. Anyways in this context, intimacy means shared secrets, and ‘one corner’ means even catching me in the corner with someone.

Igboro na streets. We don enter trenches severally. Oh well, this is the first time in years that people are talking about the LATE GOLDIE. Damn we should have a good laugh about this.

Signed management.”

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