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Denrele Edun Reveals He Had Intimate Relationship With Late Goldie

For what is supposed to be a secret sworn to be taken to the grave, Denrele Edun on live TV disclosed that while the late married singer Goldie was alive, they had a couple of intimate moments together, under the guise of being best friends, but promised to keep it a secret.

Apparently, Goldie took their secret to the grave but during a recent chat with Neecee of Boss TV, Denrele publicly disclosed that he knew Goldie was married before it became public, but there were times they ‘entered the corner’ for intimacy when she was alive.

He further revealed that they kept their relationship top-secret because the late singer was married and they wouldn’t want to raise an eyebrow because of their affair.

“I have not shared this anywhere but I can as well say it here, my beautiful late friend Goldie, a lot of people just thought we were friends but we did have a few intimate moments,” revealed Denrele.

“I knew she was married of course we kept that a secret.

“It was more than friendship you know, we entered the corner.”

Goldie, real name Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey, died on February 14, 2013, as a result of hypertensive heart disease after a 12-hour flight from the US to Lagos, where she had attended the Grammy.

Yearly, Denrele pays tribute to her by visiting her graveside on Valentine’s day, which happens to be the anniversary of her death,  and penning emotional notes for her on social media.

He revealed that he visits the place to keep the memory of the late singer alive.

This year, he said he “learned that grief is another name for Love,” in his tribute to Goldie

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