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Destiny Etiko And Anita Joseph Allegedly At Loggerheads Over Achievements

Anita Joseph and Destiny Etiko have found themselves at loggerheads over their recent achievements.

According to an Instagram blogger, cutie_julls, their quarrel started after Anita whom Destiny fondly calls ‘Mother hen’, refused to congratulate Destiny on her new whip. The same car caused a lot of social media controversy. 

Destiny said that amidst people trying to poison her mind about Anita and despite the love and support they share, Anita just couldn’t post her new whip to congratulate her. Hence, the reason for their alleged quarrel.

On the other hand, Anita Joseph recently moved into her multimillion naira 5-bedroom mansion in Chevron, Lekki, Lagos state and Destiny also didn’t celebrate her achievement. In the blogger’s words,”Who go dey shine teeth for who in this their achievements?”

The blogger wrote, “Hmmm so una mother hen and baby hen are at loggerheads o. Una never notice am?Them say is because mama no shine teeth for daughter’s achievement o.

Hmmm wetin we know? Na mama and pikin quarrel na. Who go settle this one? but Destiny’s car fine sha. Anita Joseph’s new home too fine o. Who go dey shine teeth for who in this their achievements.?

The little bird that whispered the gist said Destiny was hurt cuz despite all the love and support she gave Anita even though some people tried poisoning her mind against Anita. Anita still did not post her new whip to congratulate. Yes I mean this very whip that caused a lot of controversies on the internet when Destiny got it.

Hmmm women. It’s amazing the little things that can break friendship between this particular gender. “

Actresses Destiny Etiko and Anita Joseph used to be best of friends, showering each other with compliments online, likewise reposting each others achievements. But it looks like this latest development will call an end to their “mother hen” bond.

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