Diehard Fan Dedicates His Son To Wizkid

A diehard fan of the Music Icon, Wizkid made it known on Twitter that he dedicated his son to Wizkid
when he was born.

The Twitter user, @YungDera recently posted a video of his son Vibing to one of Wizkid’s songs. This
attracted the attention of others as they commented on the baby being talented. He disclosed that it
wasn’t just mere talent as he dedicated his son to Wizkid both musically and otherwise.

This has however drawn critics from all angles. Most commenters praised him his for love for Wizkid,
saying his child will grow into a starboy. Others condemned the idea of dedicating his child to a mere
mortal. They further said he didn’t make the right decisions for his child as the child could grow to love
another singer instead of Wizkid.

While others have it that this is a means to gain the attention of the singer, aside from this recent tweet of
@YungDera, his bio shows he has always been a ‘Lover of Wizkid’. It reads:

“for the love of @wizkidayo
Machala, my friends call me Wizzy”.

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