DJ Neptune Addresses Clash with Rema in New Statement

DJ Neptune has in a new statement, addressed his clash with Mavin Golden boy, Rema, after he was accused of adding his vocals to Rema’s song without his consent.

At the early hours of yesterday, Rema went on a lengthy rant on Twitter expressing his displeasure at to why DJ Neptune released their song together titled ‘For You’ on his newly released‘Greatness 2.0’. album with neither his permission nor permission from his label.

Rema wrote; 

“With all due respect chief! Dropped my old record without due process?!! I’m not happy at all. @deejayneptune

Don’t violate the codes, can’t drop my song without my notice, can’t even remember the last time we spoke big bro, I pleaded with my manager behind the scenes when y’all tagged me before it dropped, y’all still went ahead! c’mon nau!

This GAME! Don’t ride on my humility, there are some things I can’t be talked out of and number 1 is my ART, if you’re not ok with it then if it’s war it’s WAR. Don J go vex for me, Baba forgive me but this no join at all. Folded hands

Lastly, TAKE MY SHIT DOWN! I’m finna make new enemies after this, but God big pass INDUSTRY. This GAME has slapped me too many times on the cheek, I dey quiet because I get people interest to protect and a family to feed. Abeg I sabi mind my business but make nobody vex me o”.

However, DJ Neptune responded with a statement explaining that he followed all due process but it was merely a state of misunderstanding and lack of communication between Rema and his management. He concluded by saying;

“I would like to categorically state that I am not in anyway upset with Rema as it is obvious that proper information was not passed across to him through his available channels, and as a respectable human being, I only felt it was just normal for me to follow due process in anything I do and that was the step taken”.

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