Dmw Signee Yonda States Why No Crew Member Supports His Song.

DMW signee Yonda has reacted to people asking him why no 30BG member is helping him promote his EP “WildBlue.”

Yonda, who recently dropped his extended play album, has been getting lots of questions about why none of his Davido Music Worldwide label member is helping his EP “wildblue” with social media presence.

While addressing his fans’ curiosity, Yonda took to his Instagram story to state that, they should all stop asking why dmw team is not supporting his ep, saying everyone is working on different projects at the same time.

He wrote:

“Yo! You all should stop asking me why is DMW team not supporting my EP, please. We all are working on a different projects at the same time. There are so many new talent that blow without DMW. All I want is genuine support. #felapikin don’t fake orgasm. #wildblueyonda”

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