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‘Don’t make me expose you’ — Ike blows hot over Mercy Eke’s denial

Ike Onyema is not taking it likely after his Ex-girlfriend denied dating him and also stated that she has taken care of someone she once dated, an insinuation Ike took personally.

Mercy Eke in a podcast with Nedu Wazobia and Pretty Mike stated that she had dated someone she was instead taking care of.

The house chorused that they knew who she was referring to and subsequently asked her about Ike.

Stating that she could only speak for herself, Eke denied knowing of any relationship with the named reality TV personality.

When asked if she was in a relationship with Ike, Eke said: “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Mike then rephrased the question and chipped in: “he allegedly said that you were his girlfriend. So you never dated him?”

Eke insisted: “I can speak for myself. I can’t speak for anybody. I still don’t know what you are talking about.

In response to this public ridicule, Ike in an Instagram post argued Mercy’s statement, stating that no lady has ever taken care of him and anyone who says otherwise should provide evidence. He also warned Pretty Mike and Nedu to steer clear off matters they know little or nothing about.

He wrote: “I am responding to this, because it’s obvious that the producers of this podcast can’t pay for ads to promote the dead podcast, so as usual, they look for who to attack to indirectly promote their dead podcast, well congratulations you have Triggered perfectly, for over two years my image and reputation have constantly been dragged to the mud, so it’s time to swim with pigs, I am making a bold statement that no lady whosoever has taken care of me.

“If anyone claims otherwise they should bring out receipts of one thing they have done, I have been quiet because I don’t also want to expose so many people including the show, so I intentionally allowed myself to be ridiculed, but that era is over, people that can’t take care of their family coming out to chat shit about me, @nedu_wazobiafm and @prettymikeoflagos please be careful how to involve yourself in things you have no idea of the background story.

“I respect both of you but I would not hesitate to call you guys out if I’m being disrespected to please your principals and the bosses that hired you. This should be the last time anyone would use me to count cheap scores…I would start dropping receipts and exposing everyone if this continues, I have enough receipts to go around and everybody go collect, enough is enough!!!!! A word is enough for the wise.”

Sharing the video, Ike wrote;

“People I respect so much, even the guy on blonde hair, someone I call my friend and drink together with can comfortably sit on a podcast and chat shit about me, would go a long way to tell you about what the word friendship mean to people.

They keep forgetting that I blog and people randomly send me information about so many celebrities, even when I don’t ask, I just don’t want to ridicule anybody, but I know everything everyone is doing (Both dirty and clean), I just chose not to go down that line of trying to Humiliate them.

But I’m waiting for any of them to respond to me openly and we can now unveil cans of worm. I dare any of them to reply me or respond back…

Be careful who you call your friend that’s all I have to say for now!!

Have a productive day!!!”

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