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Dorcas Fapson slams Timini Egbuson’s ex-girlfriend for publicly blasting him

Timini Egbuson and his ex-girlfriend, Lydia Balogun recently made the headlines after Lydia publicly blasted Timini for allegedly sleeping with “naive teenagers”. 

Lydia shared series of tweets alleging that Timini has become notorious for sleeping with everything breathing in Lagos and Abuja. Lydia alleged that Timini goes after young naive girls, adding that he is currently seeing an 18-year-old Babcock University student.

She also tagged her ex as a predator, cradle snatcher, pervert and an “all round terrible person, revealing that she was warned at the time but didn’t know anything about Timini or his past so she stood by him. Lydia also revealed that since their split, the actor has been on a mission to ruin her reputation. 

“Timini Egbuson you are a predator, a cradle snatcher, you’re a pervert and an all-round terrible person. Meeting this man, I had no clue about his sexual past or who he had been involved with, didn’t know anyone from his social circle. And now I know it is also intentional,” she tweeted.

Luckily for Timini, he has a bestie who always has his back so amidst being calm about the entire charade, Timini’s bestie, actress Dorcas Fapson has tackled Lydia for her allegations against Timini. An allegation which Dorcas describes as “clout chasing”.

Dorcas said that in as much as Timini is old enough to make his own decisions, she can’t sit back and have someone trample on his reputation. Dorcas revealed that as at two weeks ago, Lydia was still begging Timini to take her back. She said that Lydia calls with different numbers and even sends several mails just to gain Timini’s attention but because he turned her down and even blocked her numbers, she decided to resort to clout chasing. 

She also said that Lydia keeps claiming to be the victim while in the real sense, she has never given attention to her age mates, let alone agree to date them. She however prayed that Lydia finds the will to move on and heal in peace.

Dorcas wrote, “First of all, Timini is old enough to make his own decisions which I’ve discussed with him privately but I won’t sit back & let this clout chaser drag him because he refuses to reply you.

Lydia baby, how many of your age mates have you actually dated?? You’re here screaming victim but you won’t look at your age mates twice.

Same Lydia that up until 2weeks ago was still begging Timini back, the guy has blocked you everywhere, you call with different numbers & send emails non stop, shey because e no gree you result to this? Smh

Move on & heal in peace please, I’m honestly praying for you”.

Another lady identified as Busola, who allegedly match-made Timini and Lydia also called Lydia out, revealing that Lydia harrassed and even threatened to kill her over allegations that she did something with her man.

Busola wrote, “Lydia Balogun Gahan leave me alone. You’ve threatened to kill me, you’ve harrassed me, you’ve called my friends to rant rubbish. Aren’t you tired?For the last time I didn’t do anything with your man. Move on with your life”.

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