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Dr. Dre Ex Wife Nicole Asking For Spousal Support After Failed Prenup Documents.

Following dr Dre and his estranged wife Nicole’s divorce drama, Nicole asks for the court for monthly spousal support of 2milion dollars after going back and forth with their child custody.

In recent legal documents obtain in court, Dr. Dre’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, disclosed that Dre has voluntarily paid all of Nicole’s expenses since they separated.

You’ll recall that we once reported Dr. Dre and Nicole’s divorce drama, where she was asking for monthly allowances from Dre. We also told you how she said to the court that Dre was after her life as she sacked all her security guide asking for new ones, which Dre accepted, and asked her to hire from any security agencies of her choice that he will cover the expenses.

Well, the documents obtain states that Dr. Dre pays all Nicole’s bills, including her current place of residence in Malibu estate, her security bills, and each time she wants cash, Dre always sends it across to her.

Dre’s lawyer went on to say that Nicole asking for 2million dollars every month is ridiculous, stating that her actual monthly expenses when total summed up to $293,306.

On the other hand, Nicole’s lawyer asks for 5million dollar attorney’s fees, which Dre is kicking against as he has already voluntarily paid almost a million dollars for Nicole’s lawyers’ fees, adding they were yet to sign the divorce papers then.

Nicole’s lawyer insisted, saying Dre still owes 1.5 million to date, which according to documents filled in court Dre is not willing to pay as he has paid Nicole’s lawyer way more than his lawyers.

Still going back and forth of Nicole’s claim of physical and emotional abuse, Dre is still insisting he did nothing of such.

While addressing the prenup, Dre denies Nicole’s claims of tearing up their prenup documents a few months after their marriage.

Dre went onto say that there have never been any prenup documents since their marriage neither has Nicole produced one.

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