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“Drag Me All You Want But Leave My Girlfriend Mummy Wa Out Of It” – Isbae U Begs Trolls

Following the recent ‘Sex for Skit Roles’ controversy surrounding Skit maker Isbae U, he has pleaded with trolls dragging his girlfriend Mummy Wa into his drama asking them to leave her alone because she doesn’t deserve it.

Isbae U has been under the heat after some alleged victims spoke up on how he demands sex before featuring females in his skits, causing him to be dragged on the gram to the extent some people even extended to his innocent girlfriend Mummy Wa.

In a video chanced upon online, Isbae U pleaded with trolls dragging his girlfriend Mummy Wa to leave her out of it because she doesn’t deserve all that and they can drag him all they want but not his girlfriend.

He said his girlfriend Mummy Wa is the only reason he’s hurt so much by the accusations and dragging online because she doesn’t deserve any of that hence pleading with those dragging her to leave her out of it.

It’s his fault and he’s the one accused not his girlfriend, therefore, dragging her into it just because she has a relationship with him is not fair but some of these trolls just do that in order to hurt the accused person more.

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