Eid Holiday: Actress Mary Remmy-Njoku frowns at religious fanatics

Nollywood Actress and filmmaker, Mary Remmy Njoku used the Eid holiday to properly lecture religious fanatics. 

In a lengthy Instagram post, Mary stated that most religious fanatics she has encountered are very wicked and filled with hate. She stated that good Christians have a Christ-like attitude and do not exhibit the attitude of fanatics.

In her words,

“I am wary of religious fanatics who judge people in the name of Christ and act as gatekeepers to heaven. Real Christians are good people. Living a ‘Christ-like’ life.

Unfortunately for me, majority of the religious fanatics I have met are very wicked yet they are in church 6days a week. They hate children. They hate happy people. They devote their lives to finding faults in everything you do or say. Always misinterpreting the Bible to defend their shady decisions. I AVOID them.

May God bless the people who live a Christ-like life irrespective of their religion. THEY ARE THE REAL CHRISTIANS.

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