Electricity Employees to Begin Strike

Due to ongoing labour disputes with the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), organised labour has ordered power sector employees to stop working as of Wednesday, which might deepen Nigeria’s electricity supply problem.

On Tuesday, the National Union of Electricity Employees demonstrated outside the Abuja offices of the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

They protested that the Federal Government allegedly failed to pay the former employees of the disbanded Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) their entitlement in December 2019.

This is the precursor to an ongoing, indefinite strike action anticipated to begin on August 17, according to the displeased workers represented by the national union of electrical employees, or NUEE.

In a circular entitled “call to action”, the general secretary of NUEE, Joe Ajaero, directed them to ensure total compliance, vowing to paralyse operations of TCN nationwide over anti-masses activities.

As a result of this deadlock, the nation’s electrical supply problem could get worse starting on Wednesday.

“You are hereby enjoined to mobilise immediately for a serious picketing of TCN Headquarters and stations nationwide over the directive by the TCN Board that all PMs in acting capacity going to AGM must appear for a promotion interview,” the circular read.

“This directive is in contravention of our conditions of service and career progression paths and unilaterally done without the relevant stakeholders.

‘’This action takes effect from Tuesday 16th August 2022, and total withdrawal of services commences on Wednesday 17th August 2022. Ensure full compliance in all the stations nationwide.”

On May 18, the managing director/chief executive officer, MD/CEO, received a 14-day ultimatum from the union.

The union issued a circular with the headline “Unresolved issues on the year 2021 Promotion Exercise and Others”, threatening to lay off employees at the end of the deadline if its complaints were not resolved. 

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