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Ellison Gets 24 Years In Prison For Kidnapping His Best Friend 6ix9ine.

American rapper Daniel Hernandez popularly known as tekashi69 or 6ix9ine has been rescued from his kidnappers, of which one of them was his gang member and very close friend Anthony Ellison.

Apparently, Ellison helped in the kidnap of 6ix9ine, as he is very much close to him and always know of his whereabouts.
The arrest on Ellison was made late October, as he was convicted and charged for racketeering, kidnapping, and assault.

On Wednesday, November 4th, Ellison was sentenced to 24 years in prison. In addition to his time behind bars, he is also sentenced to 5 more years of supervised release making it a total of 29 years term to serve.

This is not the first time, Ellison would be facing trial or going to jail or prison, as he has also been arrested for various crimes that are connected to his best friend 6ix9ine.
Well, according to 6ix9ine’s testimony, Ellison was said to have planned his kidnap as revenge after their friendship went down the line. He said “I was abducted, taken for a ride around town, pistol-whipped and extorted for money”

Some of 6ix9ine’s testimony was also captured on camera, which was played for the jury at trial.
Guess there are dirty sheets between the both of them, as that might have led to his best friend Ellison planning his kidnap.

6ix9ine on the other hand, is currently in the hospital receiving treatment, as he was brutally beaten during his kidnap.

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