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Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show Season 1 encourages career devt

Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show was born out of passion to promote careers of young Nigerians who are into entertainment, entrepreneurship etc to promote and empower the constants that will make it to end to build strong brand for future development.

The CEO, Empire Entertainment, Dickson Aligbe who is a Nigerian living in the US discovered that there is a lot of talents in Nigerian youths that needed to be polished and showcased, hence Empire VIP House on Wheels Reality TV Show. In this show everybody will go home with something whether you win or not.

In a media chart with media men, Aligbe said that most reality shows are about men and women, but this one we want it to be more of business, lifestyle, public relation.

On how long the period of camping would last, he said,  “it is 4 weeks, and the show process started with 25 contestants but now we have 17 left because we do a couple of eviction. We have next week Sunday is the final and it will hold at Oriental Hotel, that is where we will host them and crown the three winners. We are halfway done on this show. Truly they are all happy because we tried to create something different. We have cooks that cook for them morning, afternoon and night, dry cleaner to wash their clothes.

According to Aligbe, we made sure they are treated as VIPs which they are because it is called, Empire VIP House on Wheels. For you to create a VIP you have to start somewhere, showing them what VIP is all about, and they were grateful about it.

On the prizes for winners, he said, “we are giving out a car worth N10m and N5m for star winner. The 2nd winner will get N3m while the third person will go home with N2m. That is the cash prize for the three winners.

Accessing the programme and the process of camping, a US based professional filmmaker, Kevin Luther Apaa said that the programme is a good platform, and whenever anybody  puts together a platform that allows young people to actually make a positive use of their lives, we have to really see the positivity in them.  “They are going to be exposed to the screen and the smart ones will use this platform to start building themselves, irrespective of whether they emerge as the winner or not.

Joseph and Emmanuel Etim, twins, is the project consultant to the Reality Show who has been in showbiz business for some time said, “it is a unique reality show; first of its kind in Nigeria. As you can see the bus, is a house and like a home inside a home. The concept is to take the contestants on a tour for a month and most of the activities are done on the bus. This is also a show that teaches contestants the business aspect of entertainment.

A contestant, Werhiavbe Egwolo Simeon aka (Simmy): A photographer and singer narrates his experience by saying, my punchline in the house is the fact that I have come to love so many people that I have no hope of been in love with before now. “I have made friends and I know this relationship is going to stand out whether I win or not. If I win, I am going to make these three spheres really vital in my life. I will think about investing, I am a committee of friends that will seek positive advice from them. I am a photographer and a singer, but I need other things to make money, I will invest in ideas and solve problems”.

Osunlalu Oloruntobi: “I have learnt how to be a very good entrepreneur, relate with people and be business minded. I have learnt to create business opportunities around me and actually learn how to live with people of different cultures. I saw the advert for the programme on Instagram by a comedian and what really attracted me was the entrepreneurship skills that will be impacted on contestants. If I win, I am going to have a store that will focus mainly on plus size women. I want to make them feel sexy in their skin and that is one major factor that we have in Nigeria”.


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