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EndSARS: Nollywood Actress Jemima Osunde Clashes With Business Mogul Ubi Franklin Over The On-Going Protest.

Since the start of the protest in the country, Nigerian celebrities have all had a common goal, which is to put to end SARS and put an end to police brutality. As each day passes by, the protest gets more intense as a suppose peaceful protest has turned into a bloody protest.

While more celebrities in the country are joining the protest, others are having a one on one meeting with various heads of authorities in the country to see how all these dramas can come to an end as soon as possible as lives are beginning to be lost with the request of the people yet to be granted.

One of such celebrities that has gone the length of having a one on one meeting with a head of authority in the country is David Adeleke aka Davido.

Davido who is one celebrity in Nigeria that is highly respected both home and abroad was said to have had a meeting with the Inspector General of Police in Abuja, this morning October 12th. which he was accompanied by other celebrities, the likes of Dbanj, Korede Bello, Ubi Franklin, CDQ and Segalinks

Snippet from Davido’s meeting had earlier trended where the singer was accused of denying ever joining the protest in Lagos, which was later cleared that Davido was miss understood from the little video played.

Well after the meeting, Davido’s tagalongs Dbanj, Korede Bello, Ubi Franklin, CDQ and Segalinks took a group photo together, which got Nollywood actress Jemima talking and calling Ubi and Dbanj out on twitter.

The actress reacting to the photo twitted

”I don’t know about you but I didn’t send Ubi Franklin me Dbanj to represent me. #SARSMUSTEND”

Ubi franklin upon seeing her tweet, couldn’t hold himself and had to fire back immediately responding to Jemima’s tweet asked her to shut up. he twitted;

”I didn’t go to represent you either, don’t try to feel important. I accompanied Davido to see the IG. So shut up.”

Well, Jemima seems to be in the mood as she also gave him a comeback saying

”First of all, not in a million years or your wildest imagination will you be able to shut me up. Even as an “accompaniment” you ain’t it! Not now not ever! As a matter of fact, I am IMPORTANT! We all are and this is OUR fight. You are in no place to speak on our behalf
You accompanied him there to do what?? What makes you think you have the right to go into a closed meeting to discuss something that concerns all of us? Posting pictures and whatnot of you smiling while at it when people are dying. No, not now not ever.”

Looks like Jemima got herself a backup celebrity support as Mr. Macaroni retweeted her post with the caption

“From now on, we shall buy & watch any movie Jemima Osunde appears in even if na waka pass she act.”

Well from the look of this drama, who is to blame, Jemima or Ubi? Or do you think they were both wrong and should take their beef off social media?

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