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Entanglement: Nigerians Blast Rita Daniels For Accusing Chika Ike Of Stealing Ned Nwoko From Her Daughter Regina Daniels

Nollywood movie industry is full of drama, this is not the first time a saga about husband or boyfriend snatching is trending in the entertainment industry generally, and it definitely won’t be the last.

This time around, The battle line has been drawn between Rita Daniels and Chika Ike, after the video of Regina Daniels‘s mother warning Chika to stay off Ned Nwoko, who happens to be her daughter’s husband.


In the video, Rita Daniels vowed to go all spiritual on Chika Ike if she doesn’t leave her daughter’s husband alone.

Rumor has it that, Chika Ike has been with Ned even before Regina Daniels came into the picture. Meanwhile, Chika is yet to say anything in respect to Rita’s claim.

Nigerians have also reacted to Rita’s accusation towards Chika, backing up Chika Ike as they slam Rita, calling her an irresponsible mother. Some went as far as making a joke out of the whole situation saying, Regina Daniels was the one that reported to her mother that Chika Ike was after her husband, and her mother had to come out in public to deal with the situation herself instead of her daughter Regina, who just gave birth.

There is also another viral video that clears the air saying Chika Ike has been with Ned Nwoko way before Regina came into the picture.


Well, like we all know, Ned is married to 6 wives already, Regina Daniels happens to be the 6th and the latest on the list.

You’ll also recall that in an exclusive interview with Ned and Regina talking about how they met. Ned disclosed that he married all his wives as virgins and that when he found out Regina Daniels was a virgin he decided to go for her.

With Chika Ike in the picture, does this mean that Ned didn’t marry Chika because she wasn’t a virgin and went for Regina instead, despite the fact that he is being said to have been with Chika way before Regina?

Well, this is too deep for us to conclude, but then, what are your thoughts on the Regina Daniels, Ned, Chika Ike and Rita Daniels entanglement?

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