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“Entering This Business, I Hated Being Super Skinny” Christina Aguilera Opens Up About Her Lack Of Confidence And Insecurities

Christina Aguilera in her new cover story for health magazine opened up about her weaknesses, body
image, insecurities, lack of confidence and more.

The 40-year-old singer looked incredible in the photo shoot as she talked about her evolving thoughts
on her body through her career years. She admitted to having a ‘hard time’ seeing early photos of
herself. She said,

“Entering this business, I hated being super skinny…remember feeling so insecure. I
would never want to relive my 20s. Once I turned 21, I started filling out a little bit, and I was loving my
new curves. I appreciated having a booty.” She continued.

She confessed that she experienced a lot of trauma during her childhood days but through the years,
she has learnt to work through her insecurities. She said she learnt to stop comparing herself to others,
likewise learn to live and appreciate her body. It’s a lesson Aguilera keeps in mind as she raises her 6-
year-old daughter, Summer Rain.

“I am really careful if my daughter is there when I am doing photo shoots. I want to make sure that
when she sees mommy in hair and makeup that she realizes that’s not what’s important.” She explained
She added, “No matter what I’ve been through—successes, childhood trauma, hardships—I still have a
fighting spirit. I never want to stop learning and growing to be the best person I can be.”

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