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Erigga Declares Himself, Nigeria’s Best Rapper. Do You Agree?

The debate for who is a better rapper between Erigga, Falz and Magneto has been trending on social media, since Nigerian hip-hop artist Erhiga Agarivbie better known as Erigga, took to his twitter account to say, “he is still the best rapper the street have ever heard”.

The Warri born rapper, before declaring himself as the best rapper in the street, has been expressing himself on twitter and also shading his fellow musicians. In one of his tweets, Erigga states that “no matter how people to oppress him in the industry, he can never buy streams”.

In one of his tweet that has gotten everyone talking, Erigga addressed himself as Erigga aka devil no get shoe

Meanwhile, he was busy celebrating himself as Nigeria’s best street rapper, were busy comparing him with the likes of Falz and Magneto.

some have kicked against tweets comparing Falz, Olamide and vector, to Erigga and Magnito, saying they are nothing close to Erigga and Magnito, as they are both story tellers from the beginning and to the end of their tracks/album.

Others concurred to the fact that he is the best street rapper as a fan stated that Erigga is just underrated.

In the midst of the drama, Erigga twitted that come 2023, he will be running for the president of the federal republic of Nigeria

What are your thoughts one this, do you think Erigga is underrated?

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