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Ex Bbnaija Reality Star Nina Recounts Her Experience On The Show Blames Fans.

Former big brother Naija reality star Nina has blamed fans for creating enmity between some of the bbnaija housemates, saying it has to stop.

Nina, who is now happily married and a mother of one, took her Twitter to state that she recalled how she was judged and shamed by fans when she was in big brothers’ house. Still, today she is very much happy with herself.

The former reality star also dropped a word of advice, saying that “depression is real,” and everyone should stop judging and writing people off.

She wrote:

“But to tell you fans the truth, Most of you are the reason why most people are still enemies and might probably remain enemies for a long time. This is a new year. Stop pressurizing people, let them be, Preach peace, try to outgrow certain things. This life is too short.”

Depression is real, guys

One more thing, guys, you cannot determine anyone’s future. I was once written off, Judged, called all sorts of names, but today I am overly happy… try to stop judging and writing people off, you are not God, nobody is perfect, and finally the future is not in your hands…”

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