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Exposed! How Apostle Suleman Ruined Actress Halima Abubakar, Impregnated Daniella Okeke, dated Mercy Eke and others

Founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has got the internet buzzing again with his many sexual escapades this time with a list of notable actresses.

The popular Gistlovers made it a point of duty to visit his case. It unveiled numerous dirty secrets and identities allegedly involved with Apostle Suleiman. Sit back and read through patiently and thoroughly;

“Years back when Halima Abubakar came to limelight , she met Apostle Suleman though a friend and he started sleeping with her , to Halima then she has seen a mumu man sponsoring all her expensive life, Suleman bought her a house, two cars and made her travel all over the world , it was during those years Suleman church was just coming to limelight, everybody around Halima envied her then…

She kept lying to her colleagues that Suleman is her uncle until some of them later find out it’s not true , and they tried to snatch suleman from her, Halima was among the first set of girlfriend Pastor Suleman had then, before Ruth Kadiri, Iyabo ojo, Daniella okeke and the rest came into the picture, the whole wahala started when all of a sudden Halima got pregnant just so she secure her space with Suleman as Suleman now have other actresses she is sponsoring now , they are a lot of them oo for those older generations…

But if I remember their names I go add an later , she got pregnant and Suleman told her point blank he doesn’t want the baby that Halima just ruined something he is doing at the moment and he must not impregnate a lady at the moment , all Halima pleas fell on deaf ears as suleman was so mad at her and told her to abort but she refused, before we say jack Robinson , Halima started bleeding and lost the pregnancy , one would have thought the bleeding will stop after some days but it didn’t stop,afterwards Halima fell ill and it was severe.

Halima was bleeding heavily non stop for six months , according to my source Halima sees Apostle suleman every night in her dream and he makes loves with her severely , Everywhere they took Halima to she was told her Womb has been used and she should beg suleman , Halima begged for her life , Suleman stopped picking her calls , Halima became so lean and some reactions began to appear on her body , all along Daniella already came into the picture, one common thing about these people is that once they see one of them glowing anyhow and flaunting riches online, deep down them, they know the peanut they make from this movie making or signing of deals cant sponsor such life , they begin to investigate who is sponsoring their collegue so they can be a beneficiary too…

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