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Falz Reject Lagos Governor, Sanwo-Olu’s Peace Walk Invite

Popular musician, Folarin Falana, Falz has bluntly rejected Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s peace walk invite.

Sanwo-Olu earlier revealed plans to organise a peace walk in December 2021 in commemoration of the #EndSARS movement. He further extended an open invitation to youths, civil society groups, journalists, students and other stakeholders to join him in the peace walk. 

Notable among the invitees are celebrity campaigners of the #EndSARS movement which include popular musician, Folarin Falana (Falz); comedian, Debo Adebayo alias Mr Macaroni; Seun Kuti, son of the late legendary singer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Dele Farotimi, Temitope Majekodunmi, 

and Segun Awosanya. 

In response to the invitation, Falz bluntly turned down the Governor. He described the ‘walk of peace’ as a joke and a sign of disrespect. He responded;

“This suggestion of a walk for peace sounds like a joke and a very disrespectful one at that. People were murdered in cold blood and absolutely no iota of justice has been served more than a year after.

How can there be peace without justice ? #EndSARS

In this same speech, you said, ‘To be a smart city, we first must be a just one’. 

Remember the young Nigerians that had their lives snatched away by weapons wielded by our own armed forces? You want to sweep that under the carpet? Is that how to establish a just city? #EndSARS. 

Young Nigerians, till today, are still being constantly harassed and extorted by police officers!! You were awfully quiet about that. Or are you not aware? #EndSARS.”

Meanwhile, several Lagos residents have taken a swipe at the governor for calling for a peace walk rather than ensuring that justice is served. 

Below are some of their comments on Twitter;

@FalolaSegun11 wrote, “The only healing here is justice. The perpetrators must be prosecuted. The only healing to ensure that those killers paid the price of killings. Lai Muhammad must apologise for his statement on the report. Victims must be compensated. That is the only healing”.

“Sanwoolu na joke. Lagosians are not stupid. He has invited Segun Sega Awosanya and Dele Farotimi for a peace walk after he committed a crime of murder. Why didn’t he invite the grieving parents to come and walk with those who killed their children? Dude is a joker”, YinkaOyeniji commented.

Sinachilo wrote, “Accept the panel report first and stop threatening the panels , compensate the victims then peace talk”.

Not stopping there, Falz took another swipe at the Governor in a different post. He clearly stated, “Please tell your governor that there is no “March for peace” without justice. He is still trying to deny the massacre that happened. All the lives that were wiped away unjustly,” he captioned the video of the governor addressing the press.

You set up a panel to investigate the matter. Panel don tell you say people die by the hands of soldiers and policemen wey una send. Una still no want no want do the right thing. And you’re here asking for a ‘peace march’ DISGRACEFUL.”

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