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Fireboy Dml’s Album Apollo Beats Burna Boy’s Album Twice As Tall As It Hits 1 Million Stream On The First Day Of Release.

The camp of YBNL nation has been jubilating since the release of Apollo album by Fireboy DML. The vibration crooner whom many see as the special breed in the Yahoo Boy No Laptop Record Label (YBNL) has been repping the label since his signing to the label in 2018 and went on to release his first debut album Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps.

Fireboy DML who first made the announcement of him releasing his second debut album Apollo, has been keeping his fans hooked on his page as he has been dropping hit singles from the album.

Looking at the dictionary meaning of Apollo “is a god in greek mythology, and one of the twelve olympians. he is the son of zeus and leto and the twin brother of artemis. he is the god of healing, medicine, archery, music, poetry and the sun. he is the leader of the muses. he also is a god of prophecy, and his oracle at delphi is very important.”

From the above meaning, you’ll understand the dept of why he chose the name Apollo for his album. Indeed Fireboy is the leader of his pack.

Finally the moment everyone had been waiting has come which is the release of Apollo album by Fireboy. The singer took to his Instagram page to share a post that the album will be finally out on all platforms by mid-night. according to him he posted saying; “i’m yours now and forever always. album out midnight”.

Since the release of the album, as promised, the party scatter singer, could not hold back his joy as he shared a post on his social media page saying the album is finally out.

The YBNL Boss Olamide cant also help but gush about Fireboy’s album, as he shared a post on his Instagram page with a mind blowing caption, which happens to be few lines from one of the track on the album.

Fans have also reacted to the creativity, lyrics and vibes all the tracks came along with. This album has made FireboyDML and Olamide trend endlessly on twitter with the hashtag #fireboy #olamide. Some say Olamide knows what he wants and definitely knows how to go about it, as Fireboy is his investment.

Some fans went the extra mile by comparing Fireboys album to that of Burna boy, as well as Wizkid and Davido saying none of them can release such a great song or album like him.

The 17 track apollo album has been nominated for Grammy award by the DML fans as they cant still get hold of the good vibes.

lets not exaggerate things, do you think fireboy’s apollo album is way better than burna boy’s twice as tall album?

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