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Flavour replies Critic who Linked his Gospel Songs to his attraction to Heavily Curved women

Flavour, known for his musical aesthetic and of course, love for the physique of the perfectly shaped African Woman, has boldly accepted that his talent has many facets and he’s not about to apologize for it.

Being in the music industry for what seems like ages, Flavour has managed to switch between secular songs and gospel music, leaving us confused as to whether he is or not an Afrobeat singer, or a gospel singer.

Stuck in the same confusion as to the public at large, a follower questioned if Flavour was the same man that sang about God, and later sang about women’s sharpened behinds and rounded breasts. A photo of Flavour grinding his crotch against the curvy backside of a woman surfaced online with the question,  “Nor be Flavour way sing Lord you’re the highest be this?”

Without much ado, Flavour replied  “Yes ooo na me ooo.”

Many would term the switch between his musical artistry as hypocrisy. But his fellow musician, Chike took sides with him, explaining that God is for everyone and we always have to put God first. 

“It’s good to put God in everything we do.” Chike wrote, accompanied with Flavour’s affirmation.

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