Former Service Chiefs Appointment against Nigerians Wish- Pwajok

Former Member of the House of Representatives and Senior Advocate of Nigeria SAN, Edward Pwajok, has said the nomination and appointment of former Service Chiefs as Ambassadors by President Muhammadu is against the wish of Nigerians.

Pwajok stated this on Saturday in Jos, Plateau State, while reacting to the country’s undefeated security issues.

He noted that Nigerians and the National Assembly’s calls for the removal of former Service Chiefs were due to their poor performance and inability to halt the security challenges. Still, it was unfortunate that lawmakers endorsed their appointment as Ambassadors.

“Well, the legislature should get its acts together, especially in the Senate. For now, their efforts are below expectations. The Senate and the House passed resolutions condemning the former service Chiefs because of their ability to do their work correctly, which led to the upset of crimes in Nigeria.

“They even asked Mr President to fire them and appoint new Service Chiefs. The President has now acted and also sent their names to the Senate to be screened as Ambassadors after failing in their responsibility here in Nigeria. Are we going to export those failures to launder the I’m getting of Nigeria outside the country?

“The result will be self-evident, so if the Senate wants to redeem its image, it should have sent back those names or altogether reject them because the world knows and Nigerians know, and the Senate itself knows except it wants to reverse its own decision.

“If you are saying those people are failures and you now reverse yourself and say we have given them pass mark, to be Ambassadors, it means the Senate will be ridiculing itself, that is just one example, that is who I am saying the National e should do a better job “.

Pwajok said it is cosmetic to declare a death sentence to Kidnappers by some State Governors and asked how many kidnappers are under prosecution in the country.

He, however, urged the Federal and States Government to strengthen security architecture in the country and empower the law enforcement agencies to arrest and prosecute suspects without interference.

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