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Frank Edoho Opens Up On his Past issues With ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Organisers

Popular show host and broadcaster, Frank Edoho, has talked about the past issues he had with the organizers of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM) before their prolonged hiatus.

During an interview with The Will Downtown magazine, the broadcaster said that he had requested the organizers of the program to promote him to the position of executive producer considering he had hosted the show for 13years, but his request was turned down.

Edoho also said he didn’t leave the show at the time when his request was rejected even after the main sponsors had pulled out until out of the blues, like something that was planned, PUNCH now reported that ‘Frank has been dropped from WWTBAM.”

In Frank’s words;

“I asked to be an executive producer because for one, I had done the show for 13 years, so I felt that it was time for me.

I couldn’t keep presenting this show that I did basically like mine anyway. So I needed a bit of the revenue but they weren’t open to it.

I said, okay, let it not look as if I abandoned the ship when the major sponsor pulled out. I said if a new sponsor comes in, I want a part of the revenue.

And already, they were telling me, no. We were still negotiating then all of a sudden, one beautiful Saturday morning, PUNCH now reports that ‘Frank has been dropped from WWTBAM.”

Meanwhile, Frank Edoho, who hosted the game show from its inception, is now set to return as the host in the latest edition.

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