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Frank Edoho Replies Those Attacking Toke Makinwa For Hosting Gulder Ultimate Search

Popular Nigerian TV show host, Frank Edoho, has replied to those criticizing his junior colleague, Toke Makinwa for hosting the Gulder Ultimate Search reality TV show.

It will be recalled that a Critic came at Toke Makinwa’s hosting skills and abilities, claiming that the GUS reality show lost viewership ever since they announced Toke as the host.

Citing media hosts like Frank Edoh, the critic, Omotayo argued that TV Host such as Frank does not get to host beauty pageantry as it is not his area of specialization.

She wrote, “The truth is viewers lost interest in Gulder Ultimate Search the moment they announced Toke Makinwa as the host. This isn’t about h*ting or anything, I just believe TV hosts and OAP have their own area of specialisation, toke taking up the host is weird, is like Frank Edoho hosting for Beauty pageant, there’s different between Agbero and final year exam”.

Responding to the Tweet, Toke condemned the lack of inclusion of women in a male-dominated field, she also criticised the critic for trying to bring her fellow woman down.

Speaking further, Toke said that when she interviewed past winners, she thought it would be weird hosting the show one day but she was, however, given an opportunity to. She also concluded by saying that she is thankful for the job and watching her dreams come true regardless of how people feel about her.

Frank Edoho couldn’t let Toke handle this fight alone. Having been cited as an instance, Frank replied to the critic by sharing a video of himself hosting an Africa beauty show, stating that her analysis was wrong and some media personalities do a plethora of work and it had nothing to do with their specialization.

Edoho responded;

“Your analysis is absolutely wrong. Most TV hosts are versatile and aren’t restricted to one area of specialization. By the way, I hosted the Miss Africa University Beauty Pageant twice in a row. Some of us do a plethora of work, we just don’t like posting.”

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