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Georgina Onuoha Drags her Sister’s Husband For Allegedly Abandoning his Family

Actress Georgina Onuoha in an Instagram post called out her big sister’s husband, Chiedu Nwokolo for allegedly abandoning her and her kids for another woman.

This is coming after an Instagram blog,  @officialstelladimokokorkus already disclosed the battle in the couple’s marriage.

Responding to the circulating rumours, Georgina Onuoha affirmed that the blogger is telling the truth. 

In an Instagram post, Georgina accused the man of leaving her sister for another woman who identified as @Mennaofficial on Instagram.

According to the actress, her sister Uju has been married to Cheidu for over 25 years and they have five children together.

She wrote: 

“I woke up this early morning to many messages from people regarding this on the @officialstelladimokokorkus blog because most recognized Uju @eujaynwoks as my big sis. There is no lie told in this post by the @officialstelladimokokorkus blog. Meena Uju Offia @meenaofficial and @chiedunwokolo, a few words for you both.

Whatever goes around comes around. @meenaofficial, if indeed you believed Chiedu @chiedunwokolo that he had divorced his wife @eujaynwoks, may God forgive you because seeing this in the public space is gut-wrenching. We’ve watched you torment a home for years. Deny innocent children the joy of their father and cause him to abandon his home and wife. A home Uju @eujaynwoks built for over 25 years from a one-bedroom apartment to today’s wealth.

Most of you Lagos side chics are soulless and vile. You break and torment homes/marriages. It baffles me how most of you believe in your heart of hearts that peace and joy will not elude in life. @chiedunwokolo, it’s ok if you want to marry all the dogs in Lagos, but set Uju @eujaynwoks free. A woman of peace she is, she has built you an empire, gave birth to 5 amazing kids, and has honored you. Let her go so you can start life with your new side piece @meenaofficial .

Not everyone wants their private pain made public. @chiedunwokolo, you can not eat your cake and have it. You are committing bigamy. @meenaofficial tell your “new bill payer to set his wife free. You can have him, and I wish you the same fate and pain. You have taken food from Uju and her 5 kids.

She is not interested in fighting; she wants her peace, privacy, and to heal from the mental pain you’ve both caused her and her children for years. You all come to social media lying about how hard you work to build your businesses, but you don’t tell people how you wreck homes.”

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