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“Go To Court!” Brymo Dares Tuface

Nigerian Singer, Brymo has remained unremorseful about his allegations against 2Face Idibia. He has dared 2Face and his Legal team to sue him over their ongoing controversy.

Recall that Brymo in a Twitter post, accused 2face of being the one behind the hooligans who attacked him a few years back. Brymo said he could not understand the reason 2face would have such a plan against him, but he also made reference to the allegation once made against him about sleeping with his wife, Annie Idibia, as a possible motive behind the act.

“Later, I found out from an undisclosed source that Mr. Idibia was responsible for the attack, yet I couldn’t decide if it was for supposedly bedding his Mrs,” Brymo stated.

Brymo went on to state that he has been patiently waiting for the day he would tell the public about how 2face has been feigning humility in the public while embarrassing his friends and family behind the scenes.

“Innocent Idibia will never accuse another artiste this way ever again,” Brymo expressed.

Meanwhile, Brymo revealed the letter he got from 2Face Legal counsel demanding that Brymo withdraws his demeaning statement against Idibia and tender an unreserved apology within 48 hours or face a billion Naira lawsuit.

The letter reads in parts; “The baseless and false accusation has caused unspeakable distress to our client and his family. You have also caused estimation to be lowered in the estimation of his friends, business associates and wilder members of the public and further caused him a significant loss of business.

Should you fail or refuse to meet our demands, we shall perfect our client’s instruction and pursue redress by seeking no less than one billionaire naira in damages against you in court”.

Despite the threat, Brymo has maintained his stance, stating that a billion naira lawsuit is not enough to make him change his mind.

He wrote “I have received this from Innocent Idibia’s lawyers, or so it reads. I’ll advice they go on to the court, as I insist on all my tweets asserted… they are not “nonsense”.

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