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“Gone are the days when men Shame women for sleeping with them”- Tonto Dikeh to Kpokpogri

Tonto Dikeh has not only taken pride in sharing her bed with her ex, Prince Kpokpogri but also lectured females especially to get past the stereotype that makes men shame women for sleeping with them.

In a series of posts shared via her Instagram Stories, Tonto Dikeh slammed Kpokpogri for insulting her after she shared his twerk video depicting her current mood.

She had told Kpokpogri that she has the powers to bring him down and that the fact that she slept with him doesn’t mean they are on the same level.

“This is Abuja, contact pass contact. Power pass power, I open leg for you no mean say we be levels!!!” Tonto wrote.

In a series of follow up posts, Tonto lectured women on being shamed because they slept with a man.

She wrote;

“It takes 2 to f*k, if I have s3x with you e no mean say you special or I special. My Ni*ga I f*k you as muck as you f*kd me. No f*k shaming my people…

S3x is both ways… Pig dey s3x dog no mean say na same level.

And that’s on Mary had a little lamb…

Gone are the days you men say you slept with her. Bit*h I slept with you too. Difference is I DIDNT COME BUT I CRIED.

Na key dey open door not the other way round. For Oyigbo film na Queen dey knack slave, e dey happen”.

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