Governor Diri Laments over Spate in Security Challenges 

The Governor of Bayelsa State, Douye Diri, has said the security challenges in the country had worsened than it was in 2015 when the All Progressives Congress (APC) took overpower. 

He stated this on Tuesday at the Government House in Yenagoa while receiving heads of some security agencies, stressing that insecurity in the north is worrisome.

Diri noted that once a part of the country is in distress, other areas are also affected. He expressed worry that the spate of killings by terrorists in the country is a great setback for Nigeria, where lives could be taken at will.

According to the governor, “I am sure you will agree that things are worse than in 2015. The Federal Government has to redouble its effort. Otherwise, the joker card is with the people of Nigeria. They know what to do come 2023,” the governor said.

“When one part of the country is sick, it affects the other parts. Kaduna and other states in the North are sick security-wise, and it is affecting other parts of the country. Nigeria is very close to Thomas Hobbes’ ‘state of nature’, where life is described as nasty, brutish and short. The Federal Government has to do something to keep us away from the Hobbesian state.”

Diri, therefore, called on the Federal Government to effectively curb the killings and redouble its effort at combating insecurity, particularly in the northern region.

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