Group Seeks Prosecution of Electoral Manipulators

Democracy Watch Nigeria, a civil society organization, has demanded that electoral officials who are suspected of helping to manipulate the results of the general election in 2023 be investigated and prosecuted.

This was contained in a statement by the National Coordinator of Democracy Watch Nigeria, Samuel Chukwuma.

The group claimed to have seen social media reports that a former senior member of the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department had taken part in a $10 million alleged graft scheme to skew the results of the presidential election in 2023.

They noted that the allegations of such shady activities puts the nation in a bad light and should be investigated.

The statement read, “Nigerians must speak out and join in the call on the security to ensure that the right measures are taken through investigating alleged persons. This will unravel the mystery behind the allegations and even more.

“As activists, we call on the security agencies and the EFCC, in particular, to ensure that something is done with immediate effect to save the image of Nigeria’s election umpire and indeed the image of the country at large.

“With the image of INEC at stake, we as a nation must not allow selfish and greedy individuals to disrepute our image among the league of Nations by painting a corrupt picture of us using their shady activities.”

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