Group Urges PDP to Mobilize for 2023 Elections

Ahead of the 2023 presidential election, Nigeria Equity Group, NEG, has called on the main opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to look out for its choice of candidate.

The group stated this in a statement, Friday, signed by its secretary, Mubarak Alabi. They lauded the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) for ensuring that it gets a Southern Christian candidate in the next general elections and called on the PDP to do the same.

Part of the statement reads: “With the 2023 general elections around the corner, the peace, stability and prospect of this country are at stake. How well we navigate the issues around the election will determine if we spiral into crises or pull back and begin genuine effort towards peace, reconciliation, and stability.

“It has been the tradition and precedent since 1999 with the return of democracy, for the office of President to rotate between the two major faiths of Christianity and Islam. This has brought some form of stability, balance and inclusiveness to Nigerians.

“It is only fair that after President Buhari’s two terms in office, this well-established precedent continues, and the presidency moves to a Southern Christian, to promote inclusion, fairness, balance and to reflect the multi-religious and ethnic composition of Nigeria. We’re happy with the reports coming from the ruling Party.

“We’re are particularly disappointed in the PDP because it is the greatest beneficiary of Southern votes and solidarity over the years.

“It is unconscionable that the Party, or a section of it, is considering nominating a Northern Muslim presidential candidate, after the tenure of another Muslim, without regard to the ethnic and religious mix of the country.

“We wish to warn the PDP that if it goes ahead to nominate a Northern Muslim as its presidential candidate in 2023, we would mobilize Southern Christians against it. We will make sure it loses its base, and that may be the beginning of the end of the Party.”

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