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Halima Abubakar starts spilling secrets of her Nollywood ‘Frenemies’; starting with Bobrisky

Actress Halima Abubakar, who threatened days ago to reveal the secrets of her colleagues amid being called out for bleaching her skin, has released confidential chats she had with Bobrisky. 

Apparently, Halima had blocked Bobrisky in 2019 without his knowledge. He was unable to see her stories and updates until he was informed by “a friend”, whom Halima named to be Tonto Dike. 

Reacting to this, Bobrisky messaged her privately, while unleashing his anger. He called her “dirty” and “broke”, saying she’s “full of hate” and he would never be mocked because she blocked him without a reason. 

Halima said she was bedridden when she got messaged by Bobrisky in 2019. She said the messages hurt her badly and left a scar on her heart. She said that she didn’t inform Tonto of their conversation, simply because she held nothing against him.  Halima added she had been depressed, Violated and maltreated, probably her death will bring them all peace of mind. 

In her words:

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“Bobrisky you left a scar in my heart

I hope you happy now?

I didn’t even tell tonto,to show you,I had notting against you.

This was 2019 when I was in the hospital .My Bp was super high.

Let me pour out my heart.

You hurt me.This is just few of your messages.

Everything you said,about your own ,friends are evil.i kept it.

I told you if you people kill me,you will rest.

I was depressed

I was violated

I was maltreated over what?”

Responding to the chat, Bobrisky actually apologized for using cruel words on her, likewise prayed for her long life. He said he reacted that way because he didn’t believe she could block him. 

Their conversations revealed that Bobrisky tried following Halima on Instagram again but Halima didn’t follow back, so he decided to cut off the entire idea. 

This revelation has triggered reactions and emotions. Fans said Halima is supposed to have forgiven and forgotten the entire incident, considering it’s been a long time ago. While others said his apology doesn’t matter because his negative words and energy, not minding Halima’s condition then, were intentional.

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