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Harrysong Clipped in an Unpaid Sex Scandal.

Popular singer, Harrysong has taken the pleasure of exposing himself before his blackmailer does him the honor.

The singer took to his Instagram to narrate how he got in a fix with a certain ‘runs girl’ he met six years ago. He said he has tried to pay off a couple of times but she has proven to be a stubborn fly, and instead threatened to blackmail him with an unpaid sex scandal. So he decided to come clean before she smears his name in the dirt.

He also pleaded with the general public not to believe any female who puts up an unpaid s3x scandal against him because the said runs girl has been extorting him to the extent he had to repeatedly pay her just to calm the situation. So he decided to come clean since it all proved abortive.

He wrote;

“Any runs girl that put up an unpayed sex scandal about me anytime soon, don believe her. I ve payed and payed and payed just to calm her down, but she’s still threatening. This happened 6 years ago, Abi she been record me da year sef I no even know, but no shaking, at least I don clear una first”.

Reacting to his claims, some said he’s just pulling a PR stunt, while others asked him to share proof of his payment receipts.

Bendel wrote: “Show us the receipt of your payment to her alaye!”

Real_alkemist wrote: “This one no drop any music again na ashawo update e dey drop”.

Awuru wrote: “2022 is now for sex tape no wahala na”.

Jersey Empire wrote: “Be like 2022  and sex tapes leaking na 5 & 6 o… We’re waiting for your preferred style sha.. I guess it’s missionary because only one dude is a spiderman style specialist”.

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