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Harrysong laments after finding out a ‘single mum of two’ he’s been sending money to is actually a man

Harrysong has lamented that he is in pains, after he discovered that he has been defrauded for two years.

The artist took to Instagram to share his experience. He said he has been chatting and sending money to a supposed single mom of two, with hope that he was helping a poor single innocent mother with two kids, only to find out that for the past two years, the supposed single mother is a man.

Harrysong said he just found out the true identity of this man and he is in pains and with a broken heart, considering he paid this man’s rent for two years.

In his words, “I have been charting, sending money and paying the rent of a very ugly man for more than 2years now . Thinking I was helping a poor single innocent mother with two kids. I just found out the true identity/true story of this man, oh my lord am in pains”, accompanied with a broken heart emoji.

We hope that Harrysong takes the necessary step to curb this imposter.

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