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“He Abused Her, I Have Evidence” – Korra Obidi’s Sister Calls Out Justin Dean

Korra Obidi and Justin Dan’s separation keeps getting messier by the day. In the latest development, Nancy Umeh, sister to Korra Obidi, has called out the Nigerian dancer’s estranged Husband, Justin Dean over alleged abuse.

Nancy Umeh in a video shared online, revealed that Justin Dean abused and smashed her sister’s numerous phones to prevent her from making money online.

Nancy disclosed that her sister Korra has been abused on several occasions by Justin but she was the one that prevented her from making it public.

According to her, she prevented her sister from revealing the nasty things Justin has done to her because of her children.

Recall also that Obidi cried out in a Facebook live video on Saturday, alleging that her now estranged husband stole a sum of $5,000 from her.

The mother of two said she had mistakenly sent the sum to her PayPal account, which was connected to the couple’s joint account.

“Justin went into the joint account, I had mistakenly sent $5,000 there for rent and a bunch of other stuff. I sent it to my PayPal; I didn’t know the account linked to the PayPal was still a joint account. He emptied the account,” she claimed.

Responding to the allegations hours later, the chiropractor said the withdrawal from the joint account was a “bona fide mistake”.

“I transferred money,” he admitted. “It was an accident. I was not expecting anyone to transfer any money to the joint account or any account. I was paying bills. I’m a busy person. I returned the money, it was an accident, a bona fide accident.”

“$27,445, that’s what I make as a $300 an hour clinician. An elite clinician, one of the top paid clinicians in the country,” he boasted.

But in Nancy’s revelation, she also addressed the issue of the removed $5000 from sister’s account, emphasising that Justin stole the money.

Dean announced he was divorcing his wife in March, shortly after they welcomed their second child.

According to him, the marriage was detrimental to his mental health, and the safety of his children

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