“He always raped me”- Juliet Ibrahim breaks down in tears, opens up on her failed relationships and marriage

Ghanian actress, Juliet Ibrahim in a recent interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo. opened up on how she suffered constant rape experiences at the hands of an ex-lover.

She narrated how her ex-lover always locked her up for days and have his way with her, whilst she wasn’t in the mood. She said she fought her way out of the relationship because she was uncertain about what to do, and was intimidated by the guy’s huge physique.

Though, not disclosing his identity, Juliet Ibrahim said,

“I told him what he did was raped and he said but we were in a relationship. But I was I ready that was the question, did I say I was in the mood? I kept saying no, stop it, stop it, you pin me down and you’re doing whatever you wanted to do and you’re smiling saying don’t worry. And you’re kissing whilst I am crying, that means you’re a rapist and I had to leave that relationship. I fought my way out of that relationship because he even locked me up in his house for days until my sister Sonia came to find me. I was scared, uncertain of what to do because this guy was huge and taller than me, he can raise you above the wall. And just imagine that it was every day. You’re naive. Who do you go and tell? Who would come and fight for you? But ladies you can report it now, go and report. If your husband is forcing you to do when you’re not in the mood it is rape and I tell these men that you cannot force a woman”.

Speaking about her failed marriage, Juliet revealed that her ex-husband was always maltreating her. She also disclosed that he cheated and rented an apartment for his mistress and had also impregnated her.

She said, “Someone close to my sibling, they asked him ‘is your sister still married?’, and he asked why and he replied, ‘because I’ve been seeing your husband in an apartment that he just rented for a lady and she is pregnant. 

‘I think even before that story happened, there was a weekend before that or some weeks before that there was an all-white party and my siblings went there. My siblings were out and they saw him, these girls were grinding on him and they saw him with people I knew in the same industry. People that I knew, knew about it and they were partying”.

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