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“He deserves to be punished”- Netizens React as a video that led to Cute Abiola’s Arrest surface online

Nigerian Comedian cum Naval Officer, Ahmed Gafar, known as Cute Abiola, was recently arrested for violating the Armed Forces Social Media Policy.

After his arrest, Netizens were quick to draw several conclusions, until a viral skit presumed to be the cause of the comedian’s arrest surfaced on the internet. The video has Abiola portray the Nigerian police force badly, from drinking alcohol while on duty to illegal detention and abuse of guns.

On seeing the video, social media users blasted Abiola stating that as armed force personnel, he should be able to know his boundaries and work within those limits. They judged that he deserved whatever punishment was being meted out to him because he crossed the line this time, considering he’s aware of the armed forces social media policy.

Here are some reactions that were garnered from social media;

solo_richie wrote: “If this is the video then he should be punished for that you know the rules you don’t go beyond the rules so let him defend himself”.

real_funkymallam wrote: “I am sure thats the video . But he should have known better since he’s a military man . They have limits”.

cerruti1818 wrote: Trouble sleep yanga go wake am. Nigeria military as code of conduct for there men. wish him good luck.

blazeisfunny wrote: “He shouldn’t have made this video of a kind” I don’t know when our mentality in this country will change, if he is an American actor you won’t say this. I don’t know why we will just ignore what we need to focus on and face what is not necessary. We just keep shouting of government; we are enemy of ourself”.

omooba_luwaaji wrote: “Just imagine this from someone in the service that knows all the rules, if it were bro Shaggi that did this, it can be pardoned but from a naval officer ! He deserved to be punished severely”.

Speaking on his arrest, the spokesperson for the navy, Commodore Suleman Dahun told The Gazette, “The young man was found to have breached the social media policy while he was on leave. So he was recalled, asked to come back, but he refused until he completed his leave which is a disobedience to particular orders. So, when he came back, we took him into custody for him to face the consequence.

You know, sometimes if you snap your picture in one of these our sensitive units, you are giving intelligence advisory. You’re giving away the information you’re not supposed to give, and we have told them several times to desist from exhibiting themselves on social media.”

The Armed Forces Act 2017 provides guidelines on social media use to curb undignified use of social media by members of the Armed Forces, especially acts that could render them susceptible to enemies’ trap or jeopardise ongoing military operations.

The Nigerian Armed Forces Social Media Policy, embedded in the Armed Forces Act of 2017 reads;

“Personnel should not post their pictures or those of their colleagues in military uniforms, or pictures containing military structures, platforms and other military-related items”.

“Personnel will be held liable for any security issues arising from postings in respect of them by civilian friends or relations. They are, therefore, to educate their friends and relations as necessary regarding military security and what should not be posted on social media”.

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