“Headies organisers regret giving you an award” – Portable replies Goya Menor

Portable has fired back at his colleague, Goya Menor, after the latter berated him in a recent interview, likening Portable to a “dog” and himself to an “elephant”.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, Goya Menor, who clinched the 2022 Headies ‘Street Hop-Artiste Award, stated that Portable could not be compared to him.

Goya Menor used an analogy to describe himself as an elephant and Portable as an insignificant dog barking in vain.

This statement angered Portable, who made a video in response to set the record straight.

Portable challenged Goya Menor on his popularity and the number of hit songs he has released since the start of his career.

He boasted about his numerous endorsements and car purchases while asserting that Goya Menor is nowhere near him in terms of fame or wealth.

Portable said, “They dey call musicians you dey comot? You? How many hits you sing? Goya Menor [laughs]. How many shows him go? How many endorsements they give am? He said you cannot compare Portable to him.

“I dropped hit back-to-back. Zazu! Who no know Zazu? Dem carry award give you, people wey give award sef come dey regret say they give you award [laughs].”

Portable also mocked him by saying that the Headies Award organisers to gave him the award for Best Street-Hop artiste are currently regretting their decision.

Portable was nominated in the same category, but the organisers disqualified him after he threatened to harm the other nominees if he does not win

This comes months after the singers were embroiled in an online battle for supremacy when Goya won the Headies award for Best Street-Hop Artist of the Year in 2022 with his hit song “Ameno Amapiano.”

At the time, Portable slammed Goya for winning the category which he was disqualified from, arguing that Goya did not deserve the award because he is a mere hype-man and not a musician.

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