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Hushpuppi Gets Dumped By His Girlfriend After Spending Months In Prison

Hushpuppi was arrested in July (for committing fraud) at his house in Dubai and was later handed over to the United States Federal Bureau Investigation team (FBI) in the US.


Since the arrest of Ramond Abbas aka Hushpuppi, everyone into illegal business has been showing off less on their various social media pages.

In recent news, his alleged girlfriend Amira Dyme took to her social media handle to rain abuses on hushpuppi saying he told her that she was not good enough for him that they are not on the same level or class

Well the supposed girlfriend has now taken to her same Instagram page to show off her new man, looking all cozy together, with the caption “id never make him choose between me and his play station. Im just gon hurt myself”

The pictures which has now gone viral on social media got everyone talking a, some calling her all sorts of names as she couldn’t wait for hush through his trying times.


This has created massive buzz on the feeds of twitter making the hashtag #hushpuppi to be trending ones again since his arrest and the release of his counterpart Woodberry.

The question now is, would you rather stick and wait for someone who says you are not good enough for him or would you move on with your life just as Amiran did?

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