‘I Called Shatta Wale To Let Him Know Some Of His Tweets Were Out Of Order’ – Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson said she had to call Ghanaian Rapper, Shatta Wale to let him know that some of the things he tweeted in his brawl with Nigerian musician, Burna Boy were out of order.

This comes after Shatta Wale and Burna Boy made tweets accusing each other of rape and incest.

Shatta Wale in his rebuttal not only accused Burnaboy of raping one Matilda Hipsy, but also accused him of incest.

Part of his Tweet reads;

“Mada chop pikin ,pikin chop mada ,aboa boy like you .. You tink we don’t know. You go see dirtiness,” he said. “Just be a man and come to ghana cuz I don’t have anything to take in that nigeria ..No be you tell me say nigeria ppl love kidnapping too much ..ok this time dem kidnap u.”

He continued, “You rape matilda hipsy self we no talk ..kwasiaaaaaa. U deh try chop matilda en ass weh she say no weh u beat am – you tink we don’t know.”

Burnaboy on his own part also accused the Ghanian Rapper and one Koffi that they almost raped a girl he brought back to Ghana.

Burna also disclosed that he could have gotten Wale killed Ages ago if he wanted to but he is just not worth it.

Burnaboy wrote;

“You tried to rape the girl I brought to Ghana back then. I won’t say her name but I know what you and Koffi did.

That’s the real reason I want your teeth and blood on the floor. I just want you to fight me like a man. Even if I know you’re just an unhealthy dog.

I could have gotten you killed Ages ago if I wanted. But you are not worth it. You’re just a sick puppy. Rapist”.

Seeing that their brawl has gotten out of hand and way extreme, Ghanian actress, Lydia Forson decided to call her “Ghanian brother” and caution him to order.

In a recent post, she made on her Twitter, she disclosed;

“I just got of the phone with @shattawalegh -we spoke at length about his tweets,especially on rape. It’s been a long conversation.

Whiles we’re not entirely on the same page(hopefully we will be eventually)it was important to me that I spoke to him about this; he listened.

I was very deliberate about my tweet because and didn’t want to say too much because I understand how easily people run with things here.

The rape tweets from both sides triggered me( I’ve stated as much). It’s wasn’t enough to just tweet it- I needed a conversation

Last on this-those tweets were problematic,triggering to say the least. I tweeted as much.(for those who care to go through).

But if you have access to anyone, you believe has disturbing views, you go beyond registering your displeasure online- you say it to them too!”

Also, singer Benkretz took to social media to express his displeasure at Shatta Wale’s extreme tweets.

He wrote, “Shatta you be senior man but this beef b/w you and Burna no reach for you to call Burna mama inside the matter. That’s so disrespectful. You f*ck up!

And for my area dem dey treat senior men f*ck up too! No wam!”

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