“I could have Gotten You killed Ages Ago…”- Burnaboy tells Shatta Wale

The brawl with Shatta Wale and Burnaboy has turned highly chaotic with their mouths running, and spilling secrets like they were earnestly waiting for an opportunity like this.

Just minutes after Shatta Wale accused Burnaboy of rape and incest, he fired back, disclosing how the Ghanian Rapper and one Koffi almost raped a girl he brought back to Ghana.

Burnaboy disclosed that this is the main reason he challenged Shatta Wale to a fistfight because he wants his teeth and blood on the floor.

To the shock of everyone, Burna also disclosed that he could have gotten Wale killed Ages ago if he wanted to but he is just not worth it.

Burnaboy wrote;

“I got more money than you and your Godfathers combined. You’re only known for making up stupid lies. 

The only time you’ve ever been arrested is for lying about getting shot! You met me when I was really on the run from police. I’m a gangsta bro, not a clown like you.

You tried to rape the girl I brought to Ghana back then. I won’t say her name but I know what you and Koffi did.

That’s the real reason I want your teeth and blood on the floor. I just want you to fight me like a man. Even if I know you’re just an unhealthy dog.

I could have gotten you killed Ages ago if I wanted. But you are not worth it. You’re just a sick puppy. Rapist”.

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