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“I don’t owe the public any explanation about IVD, it’s my life”- Blessings CEO

Self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing CEO has finally spoken on her rumoured relationship with the late Bimbo Ogbonna’s husband, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, popularly known as IVD.

Blessing CEO, got a lot of people talking on New Year’s Day after she shared a photo of a man’s hand with her initials ‘BCEO’ tattooed on it, stating that the person in question is her man.

Eagle-eyed Netizens were quick to conclude that the man in question is IVD, considering he has a similar tattoo and, Blessing solidly had his back through the case of his wife’s death.

Responding to the viral reports, Blessing CEO stated that her relationship is her private life and that she does not owe anyone an explanation. 

According to her, even if she is dating IVD, it’s not supposed to be a public affair and she only owes the people content, not gist on her love life. 

She said: “Do you think even if I have something with IVD it’s supposed to be a public affair? It’s my private life. When you are a public figure, people want to go into your privacy. I don’t owe the public that explanation whether it’s IVD or it’s anybody, I don’t owe the public my private life, I only owe the public content. I’m not supposed to put out my private life in public.” 

Netizens React:

moponz: “Some people no even carry this new year new me has anything , the same yeye energy , the same today and forever , una no fit wait make year done before all this.” 

noggra_: “It’s your private life” but na you dey always drop yeye advice untop another person relationship.. With your tuber of yam eyebrows. Mtcheeew.” 

tamarakeblouye_: “Last last! Make nobody kill themselves because of MAN! Thank you!” 

charity___gabriel.” “Honestly.. all I will say to all women including me is that “NO DIE COS OF MAN” .. blessing ceo I don’t want to know if it’s a true Or A PRANK.. as long as it involves dragging the decease name.. YOU ARE A BIG SHAME TO WOMANHOOD…” 

ivyypearl: “Naaa this is thrash.” 

elizabeth.awodu: “The woman is placing curses on her self that will end up affecting her children . Evil that men do will leave after them . Not even up to 6 months . It’s unfair.” 

dima_cinzia: “We will be here when her karma catches up w her. We will be here !!!” 

pepintern: “Does this thing even have conscience ? It’s the poor woman I blame for losing her life over this. It was never worth it. Marriage isn’t a do or die affair Abeg. God will judge IVD and blessing. Shameless bunch ” 

oluwarotimisonuyi: “She is playing with us she just wants to trend pls don’t give her d relevance she deserves. Hear her. She can’t confirm or deny she justs wants this rumour to run so she can trend as long as she wants. This is 2023 don’t be distracted.” 

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