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“I don’t want Yul to take my kids from me” Judy Austin’s alleged ex-husband cries for help, spills secrets

Nollywood actress Judy Austin’s alleged ex-husband, Mr Obasi, has cried out for help  over custody of his kids.

Popular Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls in an Instagram post, alleged that the father of two reached out to the blog, pleading for help to gain access to his kids.

In a lengthy post shared by the gossip blog, Mr Obasi revealed that at 29 he married Judy, who was 19 then, and they welcomed two beautiful children.

He disclosed how he spent heavily on Judy so she could have a degree. He further claimed that Judy packed out of their house with the kids after he refused to buy her a house in Enugu.

According to Mr Obasi, Judy and Yul started dating in 2012 while she was still married to him.

Mr Obasi added that he took care of the kids before Judy and Yul got married, and accused the movie stars of denying him access to his kids ever since.

Though he reported the incident to her parents, they did nothing about it. He also said he has taken the issue about having contacts with his children to Onitsha Human Rights, no better results. He has also been to Ogidi Welfare, all  to no avail.

According to Mr. Obasi, Yul has more influence and connection than him. So he wants to plead with Nigerians to help him tell Judy to allow him access for his kids. He is not comfortable with Judy raising these kids alone especially regarding so many things he saw during their marriage and the fact that Judy comfortably moved on with Yul without first divorcing him.

He is begging Nigerian legal system to have mercy on him and give him justice of making Judy allow him access to his kids. He not as connected and as rich as Yul but he is the father of his two children with Judy and he doesn’t want Yul and Judy to bully him out of his parental rights.

Yul Edochie, married to May Edochie, paid the bride price of Judith Austin on Sunday, April 24. He did this after Judy gave birth to his son, STAR DIKE MUNACHIMSO YUL-EDOCHIE. 

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