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“I have nothing to prove anymore”- Burnaboy speaks on his Achievements

Burnaboy made it to the cover of this week’s issue of ES magazine, where he opens up about his Grammy win, 02 arena tour in London, his involvement at the End Sars movement and how he feels about his music.

Burna Boy speaking on his love for London says “There’s something about the energy there that reminds me of my hometown. I have pretty solid roots here [in London], friends who’ve become family and most importantly, my creative juices are always gingered here.”

About his O2 Arena show, he had some regrets. “That night [at the O2], the setlist was only about half of the songs that I wanted to play. They were trying to cut me off at 10 pm sharp. Trust me, I’m ready to go for three hours.”

He spoke about his Grammy Award-winning album, Twice As Tall, Produced by P. Diddy and recorded during the lockdown and released in August 2020.

On working with Diddy, he said “We were goofy, loud, excited and throwing bangs back and forth from each other, the ambiance was crazy! I’ll quote what Diddy said: “This shit is deeper than rap, this is a true brotherhood, the two kings reunite!.”

Meanwhile, Burna believes that people think he got more egoistic after his Grammy win. “People think that’s changed me in some way and to that, I say, the only thing that’s changed is now everybody sees what’s been going on, I’ve always been this person”.

Sometime in May, he made a statement, “Every day I realise more that things are bigger than me.“I have to think for a lot of people – basically a whole generation – before I think for myself”, Burna said. 

Speaking with ES, Burna said he has no reservations about his above statement because it has become more exhausting and he feels like he always has something to prove.

He said, “I have to think for a whole generation. As far as my message, and what I stand for, I might need to rest with the fire for everything right now.

It’s very exhausting, man. I feel like I need to have something to prove. But I’m at this point right now where it feels like I don’t anymore.”

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