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“I lost my shame the day Nigeria accused me of being Homosexual” – James Brown

Nigerian popular crossdresser, James Brown said Nigeria is the reason he became shameless with regards to both his sexuality and masculinity.

During a question-and-answer session with his fans online, James Brown was asked why he likes behaving like a woman and is not ashamed of it.

In response, James Brown said he lost his shame the day Nigeria accused him of being homosexual without any evidence on August 27th, 2018 and he went to prison for a month.

He wrote;

“I lost my shame the day Nigeria accuse me of being a homosexual with any evidence on August 27th 2018 and I still went to prison for one-month oooo Oga I don lost am tay tay”

Meanwhile, James had openly declared that he is not a crossdresser, but a drag queen and comedian. He made this declaration when the House of Representatives introduced a bill to prohibit cross-dressing with an amendment to the Same-Sex (Prohibition) Act.

In James words;

” Point of correction, I am NOT a cross dresser. I am a DRAG Queen. Do your research before you come for me. My job is to entertain using my personality and my beauty, you already know the vibes! I am a COMEDIAN. You thought I was making you laugh for no reason.

“I am PRINCESS OF AFRICA, This bill has nothing on me. Don’t underestimate the power that I carry Ask my fans, ask those that know me personally, on a daily, I give you James without all the glam and the feminine touch. Abeg efi mi si le, let me enjoy my life. Omo to dun toyin.”

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