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“I made James Brown who he is today” – Bobrisky speaks (Video)

Popular Transvestite, Bobrisky keeps proving that his fellow crossdresser, James Brown’s successes are his worst nightmare.

Following Bob’s online banter with Solomon Buchi who spoke in James’ defense, Bobrisky engaged in an Instagram live session with popular media personality, Daddy Freeze, where he claims that he is the foundation of James Brown’s success story.

In an Instagram live session initiated by Daddy Freeze to address the beef between James Brown, Bobrisky, and life coach, Solomon Buchi, Bobrisky narrated how she posted James brown on her page at the early stages of his cross-dressing evolution.

According to Bob, when people were ridiculing and calling James Brown as sort of names, she invited him to his house and gave him money. He finally concluded that he made James Brown who he is today.

While addressing claims that he always clashes with people he calls friends, Bobrisky said that people come close to him, all for the same reason: the fame, the money, and then they want to use you.

In Bob’s words;

”This James Brown they are shouting, I made James Brown who he is today. I would say it anywhere. I posted James Brown on my page when every one was condemning him, calling him all sorts of names. That was when he just came out. I was the person that asked him to come to my house, I gave him money. It is fine if he is who he is today. It is normal.

Like I said, people that are coming close to me are all coming for the same thing. They want the fame, they want the money, they want to use you, so the moment you are aware that I don’t want to be used anymore, they start fighting you, start having issues with you”.

 Watch a clip from his interview below…

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