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“I miss Sound Sultan”- Comedienne Princess breaks down in tears as she calls out her colleagues Buchi, Alibaba and others

Nigerian Comedienne, Princess has been forced to walk down the memory lane, recounting her moments with the late Sound Sultan, following the lack of support from her colleagues, Buchi, Alibaba, Gbenga Adeyinka and others.

In an Instagram post, Princess called out Ali Baba, Gbenga Adeyinka among others who failed to repost promotional materials about her upcoming comedy show on their platforms. She attacked Ali Baba, Gbenga Adeyinka, Julius Agu and a host of other senior colleagues in the entertainment industry for leading her on and drastically withdrawing their support. 

Princess also called out Jaywon, Buchi, Woli Arole and Josh 2 funny for not getting the support she needed for her upcoming show. She disclosed that she recorded the video to inform them that she had trusted them from day one and have disappointed her for not promoting the show.

She also lamented over the death of Sound Sultan who would have been of great help to her during this point of her life.

She said,

“I made this video specifically for some people. So my show is five days away and I have been trying my best to publicise it and all that, but to my shock and greatest surprise, the people that I really really expected to help me post it, they did not even post it on their pages. So instead of calling each of them one after the other, I decided to do this video so that they would know the way I feel.

People like TeeA, Gbenga Adeyinka, Alibaba, Julius, people that gave me mind that we are right behind you. They did not even post to tell people about my show. The people that are even on the bill, my son Jaywon, he did not post it. I don’t think I have seen it on Vector’s page. I called Josh2Funny, he said he posted it but I don’t know. I personally called Arole, he didn’t post it.

No wahala, whether you post it or not, the show would come and go.

I even forgot Buchi the comedian. Welldone! Nothing I will do that I will ask you to post, you will be forgetting or will tell me you didn’t see it. Since you moved to the Island and made new friends, you now act as if you don’t have a past. Times like this I miss Sultan. I am so stressed”.

Reacting to this, Netizens commented;

lepaciousbose said: “Calm down! You can’t be sad or depressed before your show, you need to be in high spirit ooo!” 

okonkwomary1224gmail said: “lf you put your hope and trust in God the Sky will be your testimony.” 

faithoabeka said: “Mama… You don’t need to be down.. The show is already a success. Human being will always be like that. Just talk to God that never disappoints. God bless you ma.” 

kikelomo_olatunde said: ojofunmia o better in this industry honestly, it takes you nothing to support your fellow through your platform, pls let’s stop ojuaye and fake love , you don’t know this little gesture goes along way, this is not fair.”

 ojofunmia said: “My sister stop looking at human to be successful in life, at times it strangers that usually help out. Focus on God Almighty and He will surprise in Jesus Christ name. Amen. Don’t worry ur show will be a huge success, just trust God he’s a game changer.”

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