“I rejected N100k to wear a wedding dress” – Speed Darlington

Musical Artist, Speed Darlington, has condemned male comedians who wear female dresses in a bid to create humour. He further revealed how he was offered a hundred thousand Naira to dress like a female but he turned it down because it is beneath him.

Sharing a photo of Instagram comedian Zic Saloma in a female outfit, the singer noted that some guys “will do anything to get laughters”. He went on to disclose how someone tried to pay him a hundred thousand Naira to appear in a wedding dress but he instantly rejected the offer because “the next president of Nigeria can’t be seen in a wedding dress”.

Speed Darlington who described himself as “next President of Nigeria”, added that he wondered how people will feel to see him in a female outfit. 

He wrote; 

“Someone try to pay me 100,000 naira to dress up in a wedding dress I instantly reject. my brothers will do almost anything for laugh this shit is crazy. How scorpion King next president of Nigeria ?? be seen in a dress a wedding dress at that? I don’t need laugh that bad”.

This won’t be the first time someone has publicly criticized the idea of male comedians acting in female outfits just for laughs. 

Cultural producer, Brenda Uphopho had earlier condemned the comedy style, stating that such skits reinforce behaviours that aren’t true to all women. She added that such skits exploit women and she dared such comedians to make skits as their gender.She added that the act of crossdressing in comedy shouldn’t be considered as a form of art because the comedians are misrepresenting women.

“Crossdressing comedians… until you mimic and caricature women in your ridiculous skits before you can “make” it abi? Reinforcing all the behaviour that aren’t true to all women, exploiting the all of heir expressions. Nobody should tell me it’s art o! It’s odious puppertery and it’s gone on for way too long.. Mama Tobi, zicsaloma and co.. it’s enough..

Display your craft in your own gender if you can.. if you are really that funny.. we should get it.. with your sub par talent and pedestrian mimicry disguised as entertainment. KMT”, Brenda wrote.

Responding to the criticism, Nigerian comedian and MC, Oluwakaponeski a.k.a Mama Tobi asked that people learn to respect their boundaries in order to avoid getting slapped.

In Mama Tobi’s words,  “Good morning to you all . Please let’s be guided and respect boundaries and name calling. Anybody can be slapped. Anybody. You will be slapped twice before anyone touches you. Love to you all. Cross Dressing and Cross slapping is a thing. So please no violence Bye Bishhhhhhh.”

Netizens also disagreed with her opinion, noting some female comedians like Taaoma and Maraji, who dress like males in their skits. They statee that  crossdressing in comedy is a normal thing and shouldn’t be blown out of proportion like she did in her post. 

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