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“I will never let go of my sweat” – Kazim Adeoti’s first wife clears Mercy Aigbe and husband 

Oluwafunsho Asiwaju, the first wife of Ibaka TV owner and Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Kazim Adeoti, has issued yet another warning to the newlyweds to stop taking photos and videos of her “house”.

Funsho had given the couple a 12-hour ultimatum to steer clear of her properties. Although she didn’t reveal what prompted her to call them out again on social media, there have been speculations that the house Mercy Aigbe is currently living with her new husband, Kazim Adeoti was jointly built with his first wife, Funsho.

It was reported that Funsho contributed over 70% of the money used in building the house before she left Nigeria. Then upon marrying Adekaz, Mercy Aigbe has continued to take photos in the house to taunt Funsho.

Adekaz, who became irritated by Funsho’s continuous claims, clearly stated that he single-handedly built the house Funsho is making claims. He called all her claims and reports fabricated lies.

In his words;

“I have read many things that have been written about me and my family. Many of which are fabricated lies and some directly from my first wife (which understandably is angry I married a second wife).

In as much as there is nothing bad in husband and wife building house together, in my case, we did not. I built the house by myself”.

Funsho in response to this fired back. This time around, Funsho is warning them against making more videos and photos in their house.

Funsho shared screenshots of messages she sent to Kazim, describing the house as her “sweat”, adding that she furnished it with her hard-earned money. Funsho clearly stated in her messages to Kazim that the next time Mercy makes another post in that house and post it on social media, her next move will be brutal. She also “cursed” the day she married him and further warned him to stop testing her.

Sreenshots of the messages reads:

“The next time Mercy makes another post in that house that I furnished with my hard-earned money, and post on social media, my next move will be brutal on this so-called social media towards both of you.

100% of everything in that house was furnished by me, the bed you f*ck her on was purchased by me, Darm you have zero shame. The curtains, pictures, AC and wall deco behind her while she does her stupid videos were all purchased by me. The chairs she sits on, the pots she cooks with, I’m sure she knows it’s my hard earn money, you son of a b*tch.

But wait a second, you low life of a manm you married another woman in the sweat of another woman”.

In another post, Funsho stated that though she has told Mercy to keep Kazim and do whatever she wants with him, she will however never let go of her sweat.

She also wondered why the actress would think she (Funsho) would be okay with her showing off what she worked hard for on social media.

Funsho who also disclosed that she found out that Kazim was marrying Mercy online, added that prior to this, she suspected they were having an affair, and when she confronted Kazim about this, he would allegedly cuss Mercy out, allegedly describe her as a wh*re and also allegedly give her (Funsho) a long list of men she allegedly sleeps with.

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